Wednesday, February 2, 2011


5 Minutes with JavaFx
 Good Bye AJAX!JavaFx helps developers to put new styles on web.
 Sorry for long hiatus.This article is more focus to Microsoft Silverlight competitor which is JavaFx.Sun has taken different approach in developing framework that can ease the developer to develop rich application and interactive.
 Below are the prerequisites

Download dan install JavaFx 1.0 SDK .Note, if you dont have Java Jre
installed, the JavafX 1.0 SDK package will be download and install for you automatically.
Island of Myestery
Arriving in Shanghai last December , my senior soon founf himself on a quest.He was set to visit Dongtan , on Chongmin Island, the site where Shanghai is now building a "city within a city'
.But he longed to explore more of Chongming, which is about one-third the size of Long Island, New York.
Then he heard of Sharron Lovell,"She is photographer who's already been there," said a manager at the
Sino-Italian Coorperation."I think she wants to go back," he added.She did indeed.

A british expat, Lovell has been in Asia since moving to Taiwan at 18.She has photographed the contruction
of the Three Gorges Dam . migrant worker in Beijing, and in 2004 , the conflict in Afghanistan.

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