Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iphone 4


iPhone 4 problem will never be solved.Step taken by Apple to cater the iPhone4 deserved to be praised.However,solution efferct offered by Apple has to be monitored in the future.

Today is Tuesday

Today is a third day in a week and is placed betweem monday and wednesday.The word "Selasa" came from Arabic word which mean three day .Wheras tuesday came from the name of saxon's god which is Tyr.

Today is second day of year counting day which is 2011.What the different between last year and this year?
This year we focused on attracting people, this year we have been adding feature after feature as you can see above.Trying to make most interactive site using new technology. For the next 12 months we are going to work on refining our product, making it easier to use and making it work in more places. I hope all of you having a great holiday and we look forward to serve you all in 2011.
Tomorrow gonna be first day of working in this, so lets start new chapter ya!! 
 For example, Honda has introduced what is cells the world's first ultrasmall absorption-type heat pump
air conditioner for home use.It uses air as cooling medium and is suited to cold climates as well, because it can also work as
a heat-pump heater.
Natural gas-powered absorption air conditioners are quite efficient.With a bit more development,
perhaps the could even be desingned to use heat from the engine to reduce the natural gas burned
directly in the air conditioner.

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